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The Olympia Millennium Hydrostat is simple to use, simple to maintain and is simply the best hydrostatic powered ice resurfacer in the world. From the automatic snow breaker to the automatic towel lift, operating an ice resurfacer has never been easier. Designed with ease of operation in mind the Olympia Millennium H simplified operational controls are conveniently located within reach, allowing the operator to make precise blade adjustments during the cut. Simply place the shifter in forward or reverse and press the accelerator pedal to move forward or reverse. By placing the machine in neutral the sealed wet disc brakes automatically lock to hold the machine in place. 

Olympia History:

The Schlupp family has been building Olympia’s for over 25 years and they take personal pride in every Olympia produced. They know the machine, and they know their customers. The global network of Olympia dealers in 12 countries insures that parts and services are readily available on a moments notice.

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