Argo Commercial

The Ultimate Utility Vehicles

Whether the job is replacing utility poles, mending cables or laying underground pipe, Argo makes sure you can get the job done. Argo pushes the limits of rugged working vehicles so working  people and their equipment can get to the jobsite reliably.

These robust machines have the load-carrying capacity and power to transport transformers, to pull cables or to bore footings on the most remote work sites. Heavy-duty and dependable, Argo's can handle rocks, hills, sand dunes and rivers while carrying up to 1,500 lb. (680 kg) of payload.

Every Argo is engineered to prevent the delays that keep other vehicles from completing their mission: less underbody damage, less overheating, fewer hang-ups on obstacles. All that and Argo’s renowned durability mean less downtime for your vehicle, so there’s less downtime from your crews.

  • Power Lines
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Communications
  • Renewable Energy
  • Cable Lines

Oil & Gas

The power to get you there

From badlands to muskeg to desert dunes, Argo 8x8 XTVs are the vehicle of choice to deliver high-value skills and equipment where and when it’s needed.

Argo’s famous reliability comes through every day you’re in the field to keep crews on-site and properly provisioned. Stretch your production season with Argo’s ability to glide over snow and claw through muck to complete its mission.

Argo gets to your jobsites and camps ready to work with up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) of passengers and gear plus another 2,000 lb of supplies and equipment towed behind. With add-ons ranging from cranes to augers to welding kits, crews can bring their tool shop with them anywhere they go.

Where heavy machines are too costly and conventional ATVs can’t survive, Argo is the choice that gets the job done.

  • Exploration
  • Surveying
  • Road Construction
  • Drilling Support
  • Enviromental


Get there safe, and leave without a trace

When your morning commute includes rocks, muck, rivers and hills, Argo is the way to go. Whether you’re heading out to prospect new exploration sites, to survey access routes or maintain your work site, Argos can take you there with room and horsepower to spare.

The safety of your people and equipment is built into the full line of Argo XTVs. Their low center of gravity – the industry’s lowest by far – ensures stability, especially on uneven terrain and severe slopes. A rugged, fully sealed body plus ROPS cages put a protective shell around delicate instruments while keeping crews safe and dry.

A host of available attachments are available to turn your Argo into an extreme terrain workshop. Add-on tracks let Argo float over the most environmentally sensitive areas with ground pressure lighter than a man’s footprint.

  • Exploration
  • Surveying
  • Core Collection
  • Prospecting
  • Environmental 


Mobility to get you out of the woods

Working in the woods presents unique challenges that rely on equally unique solutions. And Argo XTVs are uniquely suited to the task.

Where the trails end, Argo’s 8x8 mobility keeps on going over the rocks and stumps, through the snow and bog, up the slopes and across the streams. With the industry’s lowest center of gravity there’s no safer way to deliver personnel or supplies without fear of roll-overs.

At a cost significantly less than heavy mobile equipment, Argo's extend your work season by keeping camps accessible and supply lines moving. With their renowned reliability, every day is a productive day for Argo.

  • Logging Operations
  • Road Building
  • Environmental
  • Fire Prevention
  • Wildlife Research


Argos are adaptable to a variety of spraying work. For example, the 2013 8x8 Centaur’s multi-purpose mounting frame can hold spraying systems while getting your work crews to the jobsite.

Versatile and dependable, Argos let your work crews get the job done in any weather, saving time and money.

The new vehicles boast low ground pressure, a low center of gravity, traction and maneuverability that Argo is famous for, in addition to a wide range of custom platforms that make it simple to switch between tasks.

Our engineering team will work with you to further customize your machine to meet the needs of your application.

  • Weed Control
  • Tailings
  • Vector & Pest Control
  • Insect Abatement
  • Noxious Plants


Rental Opportunities

Cater to your customers’ needs by stocking Argos in your business. Argo goes where traditional UTVs can’t follow. At a fraction of the cost for heavy crawlers and haulers – they’re the perfect fit for a well-balanced mobility fleet.

Argos make it easy to transport up to six passengers wherever outdoor work calls them for special projects, jobsite excursions or routine crew changes and supply runs.

With their new multi-purpose attachment platform plus an array of quick-change flatdecks, dumps and cargo boxes, Argo quickly adapts to the unique needs of any customer – all backed by one of the most responsive engineering teams in the off-road industry

The safety and dependability of Argo's protects your investment as well as your customers. Go with Argo to get your customers off-road, and keep your business on track.

  • Industrial Rentals
  • Outfitting
  • Eco Tourism
  • Winter Rentals
  • Safari Operations

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