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Guertin Equipment Ltd. Sells and supports a wide range of outdoor products from Argo ATV, E-Z-GO Golf Cars, Yamaha Side by Sides as well as Power Products, Yamaha Outboard Motors, Mercury Outboard Motors, Olympia Ice Machines, Stihl Products, Minn kota, Humminbird, Alumacraft Boats, Princecraft Boats and Pontoons, Kingfisher Boats, Triton Boats, Premier Pontoons, and now new to our product line Yetti Fish Houses & Travel Trailers.

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Marine Products




Yamaha Motor Sport Products


Darryl Sutter has had a long and storied career as a player and coach in the NHL, culminating in two Stanley Cup championships. What you might not know is Darryl was born and raised on the family farm just outside Viking, AB. Despite his successful and high profile day job, farming continues to be a way of life for Darryl. Each off-season he returns home from Los Angeles to tend to his cattle on the same 3000 acres of land he was raised on. Right alongside, helping him Conquer Dirt, is his Yamaha Viking side by side.

E-Z GO Golf & Carts

E-Z GO Products

More than 60 years after the first E-Z-GO vehicle was built in that sweltering one-room shop, there is still that single belief, that we exist to build vehicles and services that exceed the expectations of the customer, better than any other offering on the market.

It is the drive to sustain and improve that position.  To offer an unparalleled combination of world-class products, advanced technology, manufacturing expertise, and extraordinary service that leads E-Z-GO to cover new ground.

See our E-Z GO Products

Argo & Hunting Products

Whether it is for a commercial, governmental/public sector or personal utility application, ARGOs fill the gap between recreational quads and heavy off road equipment.

ARGO will climb, crawl or swim anywhere you have to go, with the equipment and tools you need, at a cost you can afford.


Authorized STIHL Dealer




Why Choose STIHL

The STIHL name has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas ever since the firm was founded. Throughout our 85-plus year history that has made us the name for state-of-the-art engineering.

The STIHL brand is known round the world today for quality and service. In more than 160 countries our products are helping people at work, and that has made us the world's leading chain saw brand.

Yamaha Power Products

Authorized Olympia Dealer

The new OLYMPIA Battery Edger from Resurfice Corp in Elmira Ontario Canada continues the OLYMPIA tradition of innovation and improvement. The OLYMPIA Battery Edger delivers environmentally friendly non polluting electric power to its hand-edger line.

With sealed lead acid gel-filled batteries, eight carbide tipped blades and level controls at your finger tips the OLYMPIA Battery Edger delivers the finest, pollution free finish in the industry. Powered by a 9 hp motor, the Olympia Battery Edger provides more than 40 minutes of high performance edging between charging.

Ease of use and safety are hallmarks of all OLYMPIA products including the OLYMPIA Battery Edger. The blade level controls are at your fingers. The eight carbide-tipped blades provide the finest edging finish in the industry. Combined with the sealed lead acid gel-filled battery array and the custom removable blade holder and auto-set blade kit, the OLYMPIA Battery Edger ensures ease of maintenance and top performance.

Changing the blades on the OLYMPIA Battery Edger is a simple matter of tilting the edger on its side. Removing the four bolts on the blade plate, setting the blade holder in the changer mount and unbolting the carbide tipped blades. The customized blade placement tool ensures the proper placement of the blades.

Recharging the OLYMPIA Battery Edger is as simple as plugging the OLYMPIA Battery Edger into the Smart Charger system which automatically drains the battery of residual power and then recharges the battery to the maximum. This prevents the batteries from acquiring performance reducing memory.

Olympia Ice products

The OLYMPIA Millennium line of ice resurfacers are setting a new standard for ice resurfacing machines (IRM). In addition to the OLYMPIA Millennium; is the OLYMPIA Millennium Plus with increased water tank and snow bin capacity; the OLYMPIA Millennium Cellect (the world's first NiCad Battery powered ice resurfacer) featuring the world leading Solectria technology, and the OLYMPIA Millennium Direct, the world first non-polluting, plug and go, direct electric powered IRM.

In response to the needs of its customers, Resurfice Corp. of Elmira Ontario, Canada began development work over a year ago to set a new standard for ice resurfacers. While the new, streamlined body of the OLYMPIA Millennium attracts attention, there is a lot more to the changes than just a cosmetic job. 

True to it's reputation of being the innovator in the field of ice resurfacing, Resurfice decided to build in all the features an ice resurfacer should have as standard equipment. Andy Schlupp, founder of Resurfice summed it up this way; " our customers shouldn't have to make compromises when it comes to buying a safe, efficient, ice resurfacer. Emission controls, a board brush, automatic snow breaker and an automatic towels lift are as essential to doing a proper ice resurfacing as the OLYMPIA's precision controlled conditioner." The end result was the OLYMPIA Millennium. 

Every OLYMPIA Millennium built has an emission control system to dramatically reduce, and in the case of the OLYMPIA Cellect and the OLYMPIA Millennium Direct, eliminate air pollution. To enhance and maximize ease of use and safety for the operator of the OLYMPIA, the dash has been designed in a wrap around configuration with the knobs and levels of the past replaced with push button controls. 
Every OLYMPIA Millennium has a board brush, automatic snow breaker and automatic towel lift included. 

By streamlining it's manufacturing process, Resurfice Corp. in Elmira, Ontario, Canada has achieved economies of scale which have reduced costs and resulted in more value and performance for the customer's dollar.

When you compare an OLYMPIA Millennium with any other ice resurfacer in the world it is clear that the OLYMPIA Millennium has set a new standard for the industry to strive towards. OLYMPIA Millennium, what every ice resurfacers should be. 

Cushman Utility Vehicles

Sometimes when history
repeats itself, it's a good thing.

Since 1901, Cushman® has been renowned for its uncompromising commitment

to engineering the most rugged, dependable and versatile vehicles around. It’s why

Cushman remains an industry leader in providing the commercial market with

powerful, reliable and efficient vehicles that work harder. Last longer.

Yetti Fish Houses and Travel Trailers

Nothing Compares To A Yetti

Yetti’s are the lightest and highest quality ice house in the industry due to their durable build on a single weldment aluminum trailer, and fit and finish inside and out! Built with all aluminum construction, foam board insulation, and pre-finished interior tongue and groove, Yetti’s are built for all-season use.


Yetti’s all-aluminum construction makes it lighter than the competition to start. Combine that with a newly engineered floor and roof and Yetti is the lightest, most durable house available on the market!


Yetti’s single weldment design makes for an extremely durable trailer. The entire house provides a solid structure; the trailer frame is welded to the walls, the walls to the roof, etc.


Go big, or go home. With extra height added to each house, and a bigger, 90° V-Front, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your living room – not your fish house.